Adelaide Hills Biochar Initiative

The Adelaide Hills Biochar Initiative (AHBI).

by Brian Lewis - April 28th, 2010.
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The Adelaide Hills Biochar Initiative (AHBI) was established on 20/4/2010 in Macclesfield, South Australia by Brian Lewis and inspired by the aims and aspirations of the International Biochar Initiative.

AHBI aims to promote biochar production and application in the Adelaide Hills area with the goal of advising local agricultural operations, local government and other stakeholders on the advantages of biochar as a tool for greenhouse gas reduction while enhancing agriculture. AHBI will also strive to establish a demonstration project for biochar production and application using agricultural and garden waste feedstocks. AHBI’s longer term vision is to see biochar production become an established fact of life in all Adelaide Hills communities using locally made carbonisers for the benefit of local agriculture and the environment.

The proposed strategy for achieving the above aims is to:
1.  Raise awareness about biochar through the local media;
2. Publish and distribute relevant information;
3. Set up and operate an internet web page;
4. Identify possible demonstration sites;
5. Obtain a demonstration unit;
6. Share the demonstration unit between sites on a rotation basis;
7. Produce biochar from local organic waste;
8. Identify participants willing to use the biochar;
9. Report on outcomes.

Anyone interested in taking part in any stage of this initiative is invited to contact Brian Lewis by email at

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